Our operating history can be traced back to 1997, Tsaker Chemical Group Limited was a leading producer of a number of fine chemicals that function as critical dye ,pigment  and pesticide intermediates in the world. Our Group’s products have been widely used in the fields of dye, pigment, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals products manufacturing. Since February 2015, we have been vertically integrated to produce PNT and enter into ONT/OT market.

Our Group has three  production base,   Dongguang,DongAo , the other is in Dongying, Shandong Province, the latter is currently under preparation for construction and is expected to commence production by the end of 2016.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Our Group’s production of DSD Acid and DMSS ranked first in the world and accounted for approximately 57.4% and 27.4% respectively of the world’s market share by production volume in 2014. Meanwhile, our Group also ranked second for the production of another pigment intermediate, DMAS, which accounted for approximately 21.7% of the world’s market share by production volume in 2014.

The products of that are used as dye intermediates include: DSD acid, NTS, DNTS, etc ; the products that are used as pigment intermediates include: DMSS, DMS, DIPS, DMAS, DATA, etc. and the products that are used as pesticide intermediates include: PNT、ONT、OT、MNT etc.
Our Group is also planning to launch new products such as 2B acid and 4B acid.
The clients of ours spread over many countries and regions, and many leading manufacturers of chemical products around the world are our long-term partners.
Leverage on our significant economies of scale, consistent product performance and continuous improvement of production technologies, Our Group strives to develop new products, expand production capacities for existing products and lower production costs, in order to further reinforce our leading market position.
Our products are sold to countries all over the world, nearly36.2% of the revenue is from overseas countries in 2016. Our major customers, most of which are well-known chemical companies, have been with us for approximately 10 years on average.