NT BU  is  located in Shandong Dongying Blue Economic Development Zone, which  mainly engages in the production and sale of pesticide intermediates PNT, ONT/OT, NMP, GBL and other products.  
Among products, PNT products mainly act as products of   DSD acid . We have realized that we produce and market all of them by ourselves. ONT/OT acts as main raw materials of herbicides and is widely used. NMP is terminally used in clean energy sources such as automotive lithium batteries and high polymer industry, and has a wide range of market prospects.

At present, the nitrotoluene production capacity of the production base reaches 80,000 tons/year, PNT production capacity per year is realized at 28,000 tons, and ONT annual production capacity is 48000 tons. The Company has become one of the world’s three major manufacturers for nitrotoluenes.