Facing broad green energy market Tsaker Chemical Group actively layout of materials for lithium battery in 2017 by establishing Battery Materials BU.
 Located in CANGZHOU city HEBEI province, Battery Materials BU mainly produce Ferrous Phosphate with a capacity of 15000mt/y, 10000mt/y of N-methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP) and 2000mt/y of CNT.
 Ferrous Phosphate which is independently developed by Battery material BU is an advanced product with high quality, high purity, high stability and zero discharge of pollutant.
 In order to be always in the front line of the new energy technology, Tsaker Chemical Group have signed an technical agreement with Tsinghua University to cooperate in the field of cathode material for Lithium battery by researching and developing high nickel ternary material in the aim of having more series products.